Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ninja Party

Asher and Colin were born about 13 months apart and share many of the same friends, so it just makes sense for us to throw one big party to celebrate them together! They decided they wanted a Ninjago theme (ninja legos), and it was really fun to come up with some creative ways to make a ninja party.

We met at a park that has a nice playground, so the kids that came early had plenty to do until everyone arrived and the fun started. Having the party outside is a must for my sanity!

Here are some pictures to share the fun we had as we celebrated Asher's 7th and Colin's 6th birthdays:

We had sushi, of course...

Ninja veggie cups.

Ninja cake!

The ninjas recieve their headwraps and are ready for training!

Sensei Dad prepares to train his ninjas.

Balance and agility training.

The "laser" course.

Katana practice.

A ninja with perfect aim!

Playing "Sensei Says".

Party favors in take out boxes...

We are truly blessed with wonderful friends for our boys!

What a great day.

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